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Inspiring Change. Discovering Possibilities. 

We believe that individuals are inspired to discover their possibilities when they feel Confident, Connected, and Cared For. 

Kids with Capes


Our primary mission is to improve our client's overall quality of life by offering quality mental health services that empower, strengthen, and preserve individuals and families to reach their fullest potential.


Family-Centered Care


Evidence-Based Practices


Collaborative Approach



Big enough to meet your needs.  

Small enough to remain sensitive to your needs.


-S. Vass, Co-Founder 


At Envision Family Services, we understand that each family has unique needs. That's why we offer individualized services that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) Services-Therapeutic Day Treatment is a school-based program designed to successfully address mental health, emotional, behavioral issues that create a barrier to effective learning. Envision Family Services’ counselors facilitate strategic interventions designed to address disruptive behavior immediately without interrupting the class to address one child’s acting out. Effective interventions improve classroom dynamics and allow educators to teach. An immediate intervention by a counselor gives a child the best opportunity to redirect problem behavior so he/she can return to learning while protecting the learning environment for their classmates.


Intensive In-home (IIH) Services- A program designed to wrap-around a child and their family in crisis to bring stability and maintain the child in the home environment. This program is a stabilization and preventative service focused on children and adolescents who are at–risk to be removed from their home environment. Our program is unique in that we provide a designated family specialist, in addition to the assigned IIH counselor, to address family needs, as we recognize the importance that family dynamics has on a client’s progress. This designated counselor conducts family sessions in the home to address systemic family issues that might impede growth for the client and, when addressed, will propel the client into positive change. This effectively places two counselors in the home as a support system for our clients.


Outpatient therapy- Outpatient psychotherapy services is a resource for individuals seeking mental health support to address and process concerns affecting their ability to effectively function within their environment, that may be affecting their relationships and interactions with others, and/or may creating barriers in their daily lives. Outpatient therapy is often called counseling or psychotherapy.

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Experienced Professionals

Our professionalism, cultural sensitivity, social awareness, and advocacy for our clients are our standard to maintain our family-centered approach.




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Envision the Future with Connection Newsletter

Dive into the world of mental well-being with the Connection Newsletter by Envision Family Services. Our newsletter is packed with insights, expert advice, and real-life stories that illuminate the path to a healthier mind and soul. Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or simply want to stay updated on the latest in mental health, the Connection Newsletter. 


Rumor has it... Envision is a BIG deal!

"Working for Envision has been a great experience both professionally and personally. I have received training when asked and professional development consistently. I have appreciated the monthly training and meetings that keep the staff up to date on company policies as well as the latest mental health research to implement and consider in treatment. I have most appreciated the time given to me when I have voiced concerns."

- Jenna Young

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We're looking for talented, passionate professionals to join our team.

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